2 Independent filmmakers want to bring back the X files. Daniel Abella and Aldo Romero graduates from Columbia University and NYU got tired of waiting for Fox to release the next X file installment. They decided to take matters into their own hands. With a group of other filmmaker friends they wrote a script and shot a trailer for the X FILES. They call it THE MULDER CHRONICLES. In the tradition of the SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES and INDIANA JONES THE EARLY YEARS, THE MULDER CHRONICLES is a prequel .

It takes place in 1986 , the year Fox Mulder graduates from Oxford. The eerie and supernatural seems to follow young Mulder wherever he goes.In this case , he investigates the abduction of a young girl in Vermont and the death of 3 military officials. The trailer has an all original cast. Many of the original characters are introduced including the Cgarette Smoking Man Dana Scully , a mysterious hit man and the ever ubiquitous Greys.

We are sticking to the mythology in this story Daniel was quoted saying. We want the X files no matter who directs it Aldo is quoted saying. Daniel Abella and Aldo Romero are trying to raise 1 million signatures to convince the people at Fox the X files is still riding strong for a new show after all these years.

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The X Files is a copyright of 20th Century Fox. The Mulde Chronicles trailer is not for sale or resale. It is solely for the demo promotional uses of the film makers.